Corporate Profile

When was Finatext established?

Finatext was established on December 27, 2013.

What does Finatext do?

Finatext has three main branches of business, which offers "Financial Infrastructure" that provides next-generation cloud native infrastructure systems for securities and insurance businesses, "Fintech Solution" that support the planning and development of front-end services with excellent customer experiences, and "Big Data Analytics" that supports the utilization of data which our clients already possess.

What is Finatext's growth strategy?

We anticipate short-term growth for the increase in the number of financial infrastructure partners, medium-term growth for the increase in usage-based revenue for financial infrastructure, and long-term growth for the entry into new financial business areas.

Financial Information

When does Finatext announce its financial results?

Please refer to the IR calendar on this website.

Where can I find previous earnings releases?

Please see the IR library on this website.

Is there a quiet period?

In order to thoroughly prevent the leakage of earnings results, we intend to have a quiet period beginning on the quarter-end date and ending at the time of the earnings release for that quarter until the announcement of financial results, and we will refrain from responding to comments and questions regarding financial results during this period. However, answers to fact-based questions may be answered within the scope of the information that has already been published.

Stock Information

Which stock exchange does Finatext trade on?

Tokyo Stock Exchange (Growth market).

What is the company’s ticker symbol?


When is the record date for dividends?

For final dividend, it is at the end of March. For interim dividend, it is at the end of September.

Are there any shareholder perks or benefits?

We are not introducing shareholder perks or benefits.

How many shares are there per unit?


What should I do for matters such as transfer of ownership and change of address?

For matters related to stocks, please contact your stock broker.

When is the General Meeting of Shareholders held?

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is held in late June every year. We will inform shareholders as of March 31 every year about the date and venue of the meeting in early June.

How can I exercise my voting rights at the General Meeting of Shareholders?

To shareholders listed in the shareholder list at the end of the record date the General Meeting of Shareholders (as of March 31 in the case of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders), we will send a notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders and a voting right exercise form. Voting rights can be exercised by either.
(1) bringing the exercise form and attending the general meeting
(2) indicating approval or disapproval on the exercise form and mailing back to us